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Speedforce: The Flash Podcast


Episode 12 Season 3

February 12, 2017

Today Phil and Eric discuss the episode "Untouchable". A new metahuman from Flashpoint has revealed himself and he has the touch of death. Iris is effected and slowly decaying. Killer Frost comes close to also killing Iris before Julian steps in to calm her down. Kid Flash learns how to phase and impresses a Kid Flash fan. Also during the pre-show, they discuss all big news of DC and continue on their Injustce report. Get your free audiobook at audibletrial.com/speedforce. Help raise the campaign at patreon.com/speedforcepodcast. And go on over to iTunes and leave an amazing review. To join the discussion with everybody go to facebook.com/groups/speedforcepodcast You can also have your thoughts, theories, and conspiracies read on the podcast by sending your emails to speedforcepodcast@gmail.com. Ride the lightning Speedsters!