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Speedforce: The Flash Podcast


Episode 23 Season 3

June 5, 2017

Today Anthony and Phil discuss the episode "Finish Line" after a few twists and turns, Barry is left without much of a plan and must work with the entire Team Flash to avenge the tragic death and erase Savitar from existence once and for all. While the team is scattered out, they must all come together if this plan has any chance of succeeding. Get your free audiobook at audibletrial.com/speedforce. Help raise the campaign at patreon.com/speedforcepodcast. And go on over to iTunes and leave an amazing review. To join the discussion with everybody go to facebook.com/groups/speedforcepodcast You can also have your thoughts, theories, and conspiracies read on the podcast by sending your emails to speedforcepodcast@gmail.com. Ride the lightning Speedsters!